About CityFit

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Founded by Carl Macdonald, an independent Calgary personal trainer since 1999, CityFit is a unique, state-of-the-art fitness centre with a focus on professional instruction in personal, partner and small-group settings.

Under one roof are gathered the top independent fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation and strength & conditioning specialists.

As a valued member of CityFit, you have exclusive access to the highest level of expertise in the fitness industry. Our team of experienced, friendly and proven personal trainers have the highest qualifications and successful track records helping their clients find success meeting their personal health and fitness goals.

At CityFit we know true fitness is so much more than simply looking better so our training specialists address all the aspects of how your body performs. We invite you to come experience how your life can change with the right guidance in Calgary's centre for professional fitness instructions. 


Access the best personal trainers in Calgary, all under one roof.


Meet Carl MacDonald


I’m a lucky guy! I absolutely LOVE caring for my clients’ health while also constantly evolving CityFit so that it can provide the greatest value to those we serve. It feeds my soul to see all the smiles, laughter, learning, sweat and even tears from lives being lived better…and actually enjoying the process! In large part, it is because I get to use my experience to match these individuals with the high-calibre trainer best suited to their unique personality, needs and goals.

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Justine Ramsay


I’m grateful everyday to be surrounded by the most elite, knowledgeable, and professional personal trainers in this beautiful facility, with such wonderful clients I’ve had the pleasure to build and grow friendships with. 

CityFit has such a unique vibe that no other gym has - bringing a warm, welcoming atmosphere. I look forward to meeting you! 


Our facility was made for you.


Are you ready to craft a personalized routine?

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