Bonnie Lang, Personal Trainer at CityFit Professional Training Calgary Alberta

Bonnie has been training and coaching clients in Calgary for almost 10 years with her strong conviction that fitness should fit into your life, not the other way around.

She is passionate about coaching her clients to better health through nutrition, exercise and mindset changes and views physical fitness as an essential tool for overall well-being in daily life. Bonnie enjoys empowering her clients to gain strength using bodyweight movements, kettlebells and TRX exercises. 

Having walked through her own pregnancy and postpartum journey as a new mom, Bonnie loves empowering moms to be strong and can also understand and relate to the needs of clients who have survived cancer through her work with this population over the years. 

When she is not training, Bonnie loves adventures with her family: backcountry skiing with her husband in the Rockies, rock climbing with her daughter, kayaking where cell phones don't work, and strong cups of coffee. 



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