Carl MacDonald, Owner and Personal Trainer at CityFit Professional Training in Calgary Alberta

I’m a lucky guy! I absolutely LOVE caring for my clients’ health while also constantly evolving CityFit so that it can provide the greatest value to those we serve. It feeds my soul to see all the smiles, laughter, learning, sweat and even tears from lives being lived better…and actually enjoying the process! In large part, it is because I get to use my experience to match these individuals with the high-calibre trainer best suited to their unique personality, needs and goals. 

I often joke, but not really, that I’ve never trained less than since I opened a gym! haha (My endless supply of dad-jokes notwithstanding). So I definitely understand and appreciate the effort it takes to make time for our health as we take on more responsibilities over the years. I’m in a gym and it’s still difficult! But we have to do it so I strongly emphasize that when you invest in yourself with your own personal coach in a professional, mature and friendly facility you will have found key to success, motivation and consistency.  

With my own clients, I thrive on developing an approach that helps them overcome complex, and often chronic, pain issues all the while improving their fitness. It’s a remarkable moment when I see the twinkle in the eye of someone who has been hurting, is exasperated and fast losing hope they’ll ever get better, recognize that they’ve turned the corner! The trail of disappointment, wasted time, wasted money and feeling like sh*t has come to an end.

Many tell me, ’No one talks about this subject like you do...’ I say, ‘Good!' This industry has long needed a serious shaking up. Genuinely helping people attain the life they desire, whatever that may look like, is my singular focus for everyone at CityFit. As I said, I’m lucky...I get to witness it everyday  


Most importantly…I know stuff!

  • NSCA - Certified Personal Trainer, 1997

  • Massage Therapy, 1993

  • Functional Movement Screen, 2013

  • Consultant to the book 'I.M.Possible Muscle for the Mind - The Power to Achieve Success When Success Seems Impossible’, a neuroscience-based approach


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