Dirk Dembroski, Certified Personal Trainer at CityFit Gym in Calgary Alberta

Despite being a high level athlete for my entire life and a Strength & Conditioning Coach for the past 12 years I am not without my own health and physical struggles. When you dedicate your life to helping other people you tend to put your mental and physical health second. I've struggled with gaining weight resulting from either sports injuries or problems within my personal life. I'm in a never ending journey of working to not only become the most physically, but also mentally strong version of myself.

Anyone who has endured any form of struggle and come out on the other side stronger knows how much wisdom that they walk away with as a result. Needless to say I have accumulated an enormous amount of wisdom and insight over the years which helps me achieve incredible results with my clients no matter where they are starting and no matter where they want to end up.

Education is the key to consistent and sustainable success. I prioritize teaching and educating my clients not only just what to do but why and how to do it. As a result my clients acquire and develop the priceless ability to hold themselves accountable and to contribute towards their goals even when we aren't working together face to face.

If you've stopped and started your journey towards the person that you want to become numerous times, perhaps you haven't had the right coach or guide involved in the process. I've helped countless people build a strong and thorough understanding in all forms exercise. Olympic lifts, aerobic training, plyometric training, calisthenics and agility. Let me be the coach that finally helps you achieve your unobtained or lingering goals so that you can finally become the version of yourself that you've always wanted.


  • BSc - Health and Fitness Administration (University of Jamestown - North Dakota)

  • Diploma - Sports Science (Douglas College - New Westminster, BC )

  • CSCS - Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • NCCP - Canada National coaching certification program


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