Emmaly Livino, Certified Personal Trainer at CityFit Gym in Calgary Alberta

Growing up, I had parents that were twenty years apart. At a very young age I realized that I would not have my dad in my life in my adult years, which triggered a drive within me to learn what it takes to live the longest, healthiest life possible.

As a result, I have learned the key factors that contribute to healthy ageing, so that I can get the most life out of my years and not years out of my life!

I incorporate basic principles with complex bodies to achieve the best possible results, so that my clients can move freely and efficiently and find their own inner drive to adopt the same discipline that I have developed over many years. I have learned that it is absolutely a privilege to take care of this one body we have, and no one else can do it but ourselves. Many of the issues people experience with their health and physical well- being are due to an accumulation of habits that don’t serve them, and that’s where I am here to help!

Together, I will help you create new body-mind habits for sustainable life long health. I will show you how to safely, effectively and efficiently move your body so that you can live in a body that you love and do things with it you didn’t think were possible! With the right system, guidance and support you can be, do and have anything you can imagine.


  • BKin, Exercise and Health Physiology - University of Calgary

  • Exercise Therapist, Posture Specialist since 2006

  • Neurofascial Reset Certified Certified Health Coach

  • IIN Functional Movement Specialist

  • FRC BEMER Academy Certified

  • BEMER Group American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Certified


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