Thomas Kleinsasser, CityFit Gym Personal Training Calgary

For the past 20 years I have worked in the fitness industry, sharing my passion for fit and empowered living, by helping corporate execs, women in medicine, and cancer survivors reclaim their vitality, and become fitter, leaner, healthier, happier and more vibrant versions of themselves.

Unlike most trainers, however, healthy lifestyle, nutrition and athletics weren't always strengths nor interests, but a cancer scare and debilitating car accident redirected my focus and calling. Always fascinated by the mind, I'm insatiably curious about nearly everything regarding human behaviour, expanding potential, clearing blocks, habit mastery, healing and performance, and I love nothing more than helping my clients successfully close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

I'm a passionate entrepreneur, animal-loving foodie, fitness specialist, tortured author, dream-creator, humble acro-yogi, life-long learner, world-traveller, and margarita-drinking-surfer-wannabe.


• Owner of the health and wellness company Elan Performance Inc., which offers personal mastery coaching, fitness, nutrition, and retreats

• Author of the whole foods recipe book Nourish

• Bachelor of Kinesiology (Sport Psychology), 2001

• Certified Strength and Exercise Physiologist, 2001

• Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist - NSCA, 2003

• Pilates Mat Instructor - PhysicalMind Institute, 2003

• Spin, SpinStorm, 2004

• Professional Co-Active Coach - CTI, 2007

• Kettlebell - M2-Sport , 2009

• IFlow - IFlow Fitness System, 2011

• Air Yogalates, 2016

• Precision Nutrition ProCoach (PN1), 2017


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