Shawn McIntyre CityFit Gym Personal Training Calgary

“When you can master transforming your body there is literally NOTHING that can stop you in life.”

Shawn T. McIntyre’s Program LEVEL 10 Fitness is the ONLY fitness program that deals with the true source of health and well-being — inside and out! It is the program that took Shawn from low self image, over weight and bed ridden because of severe lack of self care, to becoming a World Top 10 Pro Fitness Competitor and International Cover Model all at the age of 40.

This isn’t just another diet or workout plan, this is the complete nutrition, training and psychology that pro athletes, doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists and the experts In the health and wellness field go to up level themselves to pull out the LEVEL 10 that lives within us all. Most of the symptoms of pain and old age is because we are not living in alignment with the LEVEL 10 Body within you.

But that can all change now, are you ready for LEVEL 10 Fitness?


  • Corporate Health & Wellness Trainer

  • Healthy Living & Lifestyle Coach

  • World Top 10 Pro Fitness Model

  • Published Fitness Author & Authority


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