Tanya Frew, Personal Trainer at CityFit Professional Training Calgary Alberta

Train with Tanya. This new mom & health enthusiast is an expert in providing you with the necessary tools for a fit healthy lifestyle.

Learn from Tanya as she shares her 9 years of experience & knowledge with body, nutrition, posing/posture, competition preparation, transformations & workouts to push you to the next level.  

Learn new exercises, have fun, and build a great foundation both physically & mentally. 

“Take what you learn, share it with others, inspire, live a healthy consistent lifestyle for your success, goals, and health.” 


  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer -CPFT 

  • 9 years industry experience 

  • Nutrition Coach, Lifestyle Coach 

  • Posing and Competition Prep Coach  

  • Former Fitness/Bikini Competitor 

  • FitMom


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