Thomas Kleinsasser, CityFit Gym Personal Training Calgary

Thomas specializes in helping individuals identify underlying conditions that hold them back. By understanding each client’s true concern he helps them overcome barriers to look, feel and perform at their very best.

His goal is to educate his clients to achieve everlasting success on their own. Some of Thomas’ greatest victories have been helping clients overcome chronic pain, knee and shoulder injuries to move pain free.

In his spare time Thomas enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, running, weightlifting, yoga and knows what takes to keep the body healthy, vital and strong. By applying right balance of nutrition, movement and rest Thomas believes he is coach who can help you achieve your true physical potential in the shortest time possible.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”
— Henry Ford 


  • Certified Personal Trainer 

  • Primal Health Coach  


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